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We also offer a more affordable VISA card for members with No Annual Fees, No Cash Advance Fees, Rates as low as 8.90%annual percentage rate, and a 1/2% Rebate on purchases!

There is a 25 day grace period to pay off purchases without accruing interest on those purchases.  There is no grace period on cash advances and interest is charged from the date the advance posts to your account.  Interst will be charged on your average daily balance each month. 

The minimum monthly payment is 3.50% of your outstanding balance or $30.00 whichever is greater, plus any past due or overlimit amounts.

Our Visa applications are not available online - Please contact us for an application!
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To view your credit card activity and make a payment online click the Visa logo below.
Click here to pay your Visa online!
Protect your card from online fraud with Verified by Visa! Now you can shop with fraud protection on all purchases made with your Visa card. All you have to do is enroll in Verified by Visa while you shop. Visit https://usa.visa.com/personal/security/vbv/activate_form.html
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